Welcome New Kiwanians

The North Thurston Kiwanis club would like to welcome the following outstanding individuals into membership:

Kathy Valencia- Kathy is the executive director of Bonadventure in Lacey.  Bonadventure is a Senior community, and the company is a corporate member.  Kathy is a past Kiwanis member from Monroe.

Kim Smith–  Kim is the executive director of South Sound Parent 2 Parent.  Kim is an active member of the community and is sharing her talents and skills with Kiwanis.

2011-2012 Financial Recap

North Thurston Kiwanis continues to make a huge impact in the Lacey community.  Here are some of the financial highlights from the past year:

  • $12,337.32 donated to 35 different programs to meet the needs of children, youth and adults.
  • 2 Scholarships awarded:  $2000 & $1500
  • Members contributed $6567 to our foundation.  $1851 for scholarships, $4000 for the Owerri Project, $516 for the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program, and $200 to the Eliminate Project.
  • $2302.54 raised through a raffled for the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program
  • $7892.96 raised through 3 fund raisers:  $712.50 for Entertainment Books, $7040.50 from grapefruit sales, $139.5 from peaches, nectarines and pears.